Valentine's day

Here's a tray with all you need to celebrate on Valentine's Day: A bottle of a good wine hand crafted with a Charlie Chaplin's ricepaper, two glasses designed with crystal gel, a red roses for your princess, two wooden hearts that show the love between you two, and the Cinderellas shoe that will fit the foot of your loved one

Handmade Art

An arrangement special for those who are deeply in love. The Cinderellas shoe is standing on a tree trunk full of white roses that simpolizes purity. A red roses is lying on the tree trunk near of the two hearts and stands for the hope of love. The butterfly is ready to fly as love gives feathers to those that are fell into it. 


Red or white artificial roses heart with gypsophylla and Ferrero Roche chocolates. Red roses in heart shape are sympolize the passionand protection to the second white roses heart inside the red one. Show your love and protection by giving this beautiful heart to your special person. 

Make this amazing gift even more special with real fresh roses for an extra €90.


Your big love deserves a big bouquet of flowers. Show your love by giving him/her this great flower bouquet full of red roses, kerperes, gypsofilla, eucaliptus and chrysanthemums. This bouquet can nearly fit in your arms. Wrapped in a luxury red and black paper to make it look majestic!


A flower arrangement so so romantic. Twelve red and twelve white roses compose this beautiful heart arrangement and show how two person become into one by love each other!What a beatiful gift for your one and only love? A black rount box full of love and romance. Fresh flowers and aspidistra leaves. 

Make it even more special with the 3 helium balloons as shown in the photo

Handmade Art

Are you getting married and you are looking for the wedding decoration of your dreams? You are at the right place. This garden table decoration is perfect for a romantic wedding decoration. A romantic centrepice with fresh roses in ivory and peach pastel colours. The gold and turqoise cundle holders are framed the centrepiece so they gives to your wedding tables the most romantic, elegant and smart result.You can also choose this table decoration for your engagement, anniversary, christening, or birthday party.

Diaper Cakes

A Diaper Cake that everyone will loves! This is a three layer cake with lot of the things your new born baby will need. The Diaper cake that every couble will adore not only for the beutiful arrangement but also for all these useful items it contains.

  1. Teddy Bear Toy
  2. two teddy bears
  3. A flower Toy
  4. A Baby Blanket with Minie Mouse Design
  5. Two face towels
  6. Two pacifiers
  7. A bed sheet
  8. 20 Diapers
  9. A baby T-Shirt
  10. ribbons
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