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The VIP Basket
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    Home is proud to present The VIP Basket. A range of luxury treats and delicatessen paired with 2 delicious wine bottles. The ultimate gift to someone special. This basket is filled with the best chocolates, Caviar and many other luxury products. In addition to all these lovely food items we also added a handmade cutting tray with resin decoration.

    This gift basket is perfect for a birthday, anniversary, christmas or any other special occasion. It’s also a great way to show your appreciation to a valued client or to treat yourself to a little luxury.

    Playia Double DelightPlayia Double Delight
        For him

        One of our favorite wines and very popular under our customers. The Playia Double Delight has two bottles of Playia Wine, big assortment of nuts and tasty chocolates. This will definitely bring happines and a great night for your friends or family.

        Othello Cellar Gift BasketOthello Cellar Gift Basket
            For him

            The Othello Cellar Gift Basket is an amazing gift with one bottle of the famous Othella Cellar wine, chocolates, nuts and Christmas decoration (can be changed outside of Christmas season). Othello Cellar wine has mellow woody aromas and is aged in barrels and matured in the bottles at KEO isothermic cellars.

            Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila BasketJose Cuervo Especial Tequila Basket
                For him

                We created a sweet and smooth gift basket with the number 1 Tequila brand in the world: Jose Cuervo Especial® Gold. This tequila is blended with reposado and other aged Cuervo tequilas. Its light gold color and sweet aroma has pleasant agave notes. With a sweet, subtle agave flavor and hints of oak and vanilla, Especial® Gold boasts a well-balanced, short, smooth finish.

                In this gift basket we added a Tequila glass, chocolates, Oranges, dry fruits and and cinnamon. All together the perfect combination for Tequila lovers.

                All About LoveAll About Love
                    For her

                    We put our experience and skills together and created this amazing Gift. All About Love consists of 6 helium balloons, a big Teddy Bear, Flower bouquet on a creative base of balloons.

                    The love for AxeThe love for Axe
                        For him

                        Axe gift set with a small bottle of champagne and a Teddy Bear. All this in a basket filled with chocolate and a 'I Love You' helium foil balloon. A great Valentine's Day present which will make him attractive, desirable and loveable. A modern masculine fragrance that helps to embrace the unique something in the man.

                        Heart standHeart stand

                            Do you want to impress your love on Valentine's Day. Then our Heart Stand will give you a great start for an amazing day. This creation is 1.20m high and has more than 100 balloons. For an extra €20 we can also add a Teddybear and a stuffed Heart on the base.

                            Morning Coffee Gift BoxMorning Coffee Gift Box

                                A Dive into Chocolate! Morning Coffee, the number one biscuit in all of Cyprus. The velvety texture of the chocolate and the crunchy taste of the Morning Coffee biscuit now in an amazing gift box. The complete series of Morning Coffee items with Galaxy Hot Chocolate and a beautiful red artificial rose to make a it a perfect gift for Valentine's Day or just to say I love you.

                                Red roses on photo are only for decoration purpose and not included in the product.

                                Whiskey Lovers BoxWhiskey Lovers Box

                                    The Whiskey Lovers Box is a gift that’s sure to impress those who appreciate fine spirits. With a Johhnie Walker bottle (75cl), KitKat bar, Lacta Chocolate bar and a Chocolate flower you will give the best surprise a man wants.

                                    Red roses on photo are only for decoration purpose and not included in the product.

                                    Teddy Rose BearTeddy Rose Bear

                                        Teddy Rose Bear consists of artificial flowers as a basic element for a bear-shaped design, which has both a romantic taste and a beautiful shape teddy bear rise. There is a clear plastic gift box that matches the rose bear. Very suitable for Valentine's Day or just to say I love you whenever you feel like it.

                                        Red roses on photo are only for decoration purpose and not included in the product.

                                        Racing EnduroRacing Enduro

                                            Try or upgrade your skills on Hard Enduro. We provide a variety of 2016+ model of two stroke and four stroke motorbikes. Riding ours or training seminars are available in all sort of terrain! We provide all the safety gear!


                                            - First Timers / Teenagers: €60,00 per person for 1 hour
                                            - Easy Enduro: €50,00 per person for 1 hour
                                            - Intermediate / Expert: €70,00 per person for 1 hour
                                            - Intermediate / Expert: €100,00 per person for 2 hours

                                            For more persons select the number of items.

                                            Off Road Buggy + ArcheryOff Road Buggy + Archery

                                                Hop on an amazing 650cc caged buggy's and drive through Cypriot nature, under the watchful eye of a guide leading the tour. Plus feel like a modern Robin Hood? The instructor will guide you on all the techniques at target archery. 

                                                The Buggy Tour will last for 1 hour followed by 30 minutes Archery.

                                                The price is €50,00 per person. For more persons select the number of items.


                                                A perfect gift for somebody who is in love with chocolate. This is happiness full of delight where you just can't say no to it. A box full of famous chocolates like Snickers, Galaxy, KitKat, Twix and much for any chocolate addiction.

                                                The perfect way to enjoy the moments is with chocolates. This gift is great for somebody who can't choose between all the chocolates bars of the world. So we decided to create a nice box with all kind of chocolate delights together.

                                                Is there a special chocolate your friend likes? Please let us know in the comments and we will take care that it will be there.

                                                Jumbo Balloon Party

                                                    This is not just a balloon creation but a Jumbo Balloon Party. We start with a rich decorated base of balloons and a Orbz Balloon with small balloons inside. Then a big number which really make this creation standing out on a Party. Tell us the number you want. On the top there are 7 helium balloons to make it a Jumbo Balloon Party.


                                                    Welcome to Teddies Playground where Chocolate and Champagne meet each other and have an amazing party. The Teddy Playground Basket has different kind of chocolate bars (Milka, Lacta and KitKat). In addition a bottle of champagne and 2 champagne glasses. For the finishing touch we added a Teddy Bear and a love foil balloon.


                                                    Everybody loves Ferrero Rocher. The smooth chocolaty cream surrounding a whole hazelnut enveloped in milk chocolate and finely chopped hazelnuts will definately put a smile on the face of the love of your life. So you can imagine what a box full of these highest quality chocolates will do on Valentines Day. And finally don't forget the cute Teddybear for the finishing touch.


                                                    You don't like flowers but you want something special for your love? Then we have an amazing chocolate bouquet for you full with a large selection of chocolates. We made the best selection of chocolates with M&M's, Mars, Kit Kats, Snickers, Malteses. Make it different this year, make it fun.


                                                    Red or white artificial roses heart with gypsophylla and Ferrero Roche chocolates. Red roses in heart shape are sympolize the passionand protection to the second white roses heart inside the red one. Show your love and protection by giving this beautiful heart to your special person. 

                                                    Make this amazing gift even more special with real fresh roses for an extra €90.


                                                    Your big love deserves a big bouquet of flowers. Show your love by giving him/her this great flower bouquet full of red roses, kerperes, gypsofilla, eucaliptus and chrysanthemums. This bouquet can nearly fit in your arms. Wrapped in a luxury red and black paper to make it look majestic!


                                                    A flower arrangement so so romantic. Twelve red and twelve white roses compose this beautiful heart arrangement and show how two person become into one by love each other!What a beatiful gift for your one and only love? A black rount box full of love and romance. Fresh flowers and aspidistra leaves. 

                                                    Make it even more special with the 3 helium balloons as shown in the photo


                                                    Cheese, wine and chocolate. The ultimate heaven for cheese and wine lovers. Create the best platter with the best cheese of the market right in your plate. Brie cheese, Mature deluxe cheddar, Rockfor, Hoeny and Almond Camemberd, Cheese with walnuts, Traditional Kidoni sweet, Special wine, Chackers chocolates and nuts. Is that heaven or not? Order it for your vely loved one. Best present for romantic nights, friends and wine lovers!



                                                    All the essentials of Valentintine's day in a box.  All you need is to choose what wine you like and we will take care the rest. Love, wine and snacks should be compined anyway! This box is all you need that day... Oh and love of course :) 

                                                    If you want to order more balloons with the box send us a request and it will happen. :)


                                                    This Barbeque set consist of all items you need to set up a good Barbeque event. Put on the special Barbeque apron so your clothes are protected and use the hand held fan to get the fire started. When the fire is hot put on the special Barbeque glove so your hand stay safe. You are now ready to make the best Steaks or Sausages. When the food is ready you can store all the tools with the Barbeque tool holder.

                                                    After a delicious Barbeque meal you can use the shovel and brush to clean the Barbeque and make it ready for the next time. We also added a Grill cleaning rock for the tough cleaning job.

                                                    A great gift for a real Barbeque lover which will give you a guaranteed invitation for a Barbeque afternoon.


                                                    Make it an experience, Surprise your loved one with our combo balloon and flower surprise. We come, we decorate the place to create the right atmosphere. You will be loved for this choice.

                                                    We will arrange with the recipient or with you the right time to visit the location and make the decoration.

                                                    Choose the main colour below or write the combination you want in the comments box at checkout and we will make the right combination.


                                                    An amazing surprise for your special one! We will decorate any room where you will spend the day/night together. Let us arrange a wonderful and romantic night!

                                                    All you need is love and decoration from Balloons World Cyprus for the finishing touch. The basic package consist of the following:

                                                    - 20 helium balloons
                                                    - Champaign and two glasses
                                                    - Chocolates
                                                    - Fresh Fruit
                                                    - Candle light

                                                    But you can add more to this lovely package to make it even more romantic.

                                                    After ordering this package we will contact you to discuss the date and time for the decoration and to bring the bought items.

                                                    Wooden Book Romantic
                                                        Handmade Art

                                                        Large wooden handmade book (box) in Romantic style. Ideal for storing valuables or documents. Handmade with mixed techniques and wood carvings. A useful gift for any man and woman who appreciate the gothic style decor.

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