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A perfect gift for somebody who is in love with chocolate. This is happiness full of delight where you just can't say no to it. A box full of famous chocolates like Snickers, Galaxy, KitKat, Twix and much for any chocolate addiction.

The perfect way to enjoy the moments is with chocolates. This gift is great for somebody who can't choose between all the chocolates bars of the world. So we decided to create a nice box with all kind of chocolate delights together.

Is there a special chocolate your friend likes? Please let us know in the comments and we will take care that it will be there.


This Barbeque set consist of all items you need to set up a good Barbeque event. Put on the special Barbeque apron so your clothes are protected and use the hand held fan to get the fire started. When the fire is hot put on the special Barbeque glove so your hand stay safe. You are now ready to make the best Steaks or Sausages. When the food is ready you can store all the tools with the Barbeque tool holder.

After a delicious Barbeque meal you can use the shovel and brush to clean the Barbeque and make it ready for the next time. We also added a Grill cleaning rock for the tough cleaning job.

A great gift for a real Barbeque lover which will give you a guaranteed invitation for a Barbeque afternoon.


This dog themed box has different dog treats like a Beef bone, Pedigree dog treats and a nice Ceasar Chicken dessert. After these delicious treats its time for some activity with the rope toy or the dog boomerang toy. To keep the house clean you can use the Pet wet wipes to clean the dog and last but not least some Sanitary bag dispenser to take with you with your dog walk.


Everybody loves Ferrero Rocher. The smooth chocolaty cream surrounding a whole hazelnut enveloped in milk chocolate and finely chopped hazelnuts will definately put a smile on the face of the love of your life. So you can imagine what a box full of these highest quality chocolates will do on Valentines Day. And finally don't forget the cute Teddybear for the finishing touch.

For him

Set of 3 Bathbombs individually wrapped and delivered in a paper gift bag. Ideal gift for your partner or friend, either for a Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine or just a Thankyou Gift. 

Treat them to a spa experience right at home. Simply drop the bomb into a tub of warm water and watch the magic happen, the colours pop in the bathtub and the aromatic scents fill the room. The oils will leave your skin feeling soft , sultry and moisturised. 

All colours are water soluble and do not stain the tub. All ingredients are Vegan Friendly and Allergen Free. 


Love & Romance

One Heart Shaped Bathbomb in a Gift Box together with a free Mini Lovebomb. A perfect Gift for your partner for that special anniversary, birthday or just to say you love them !

Treat them to a spa experience right at home. Simply drop the bathbomb into a warm tub of water and watch the colours explode. The fragranced oils will moisturize and indulge your skin leaving it soft, subtle and silky.  

Choice of:

- Cherry Pink
- Apple Amethyst
(give your choice in the customization option)

Delivered in a gift bag. 


For girls

A Unicorn Gift Box that everyone will love. Perfect for any gift occasion, birthday, graduation or name day. Delivered in a gift bag. 

Treat them to a spa experience right at home, watch the colours pop as soon as you drop the bomb into a warm tub of water. The oils will moisturise your skin and leave it feeling silky and smooth. 

Gift Box options:

- 1 large rainbow unicorn bathbomb with any colour small unicorn
- 3 small unicorns 

Give your choice in the customization field

Colour options:

- Bubblegum Pink
- Apple Green
- Sky Blue
- Sunshine Yellow