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All the essentials of Valentintine's day in a box.  All you need is to choose what wine you like and we will take care the rest. Love, wine and snacks should be compined anyway! This box is all you need that day... Oh and love of course :) 

If you want to order more balloons with the box send us a request and it will happen. :)


Cheese, wine and chocolate. The ultimate heaven for cheese and wine lovers. Create the best platter with the best cheese of the market right in your plate. Brie cheese, Mature deluxe cheddar, Rockfor, Hoeny and Almond Camemberd, Cheese with walnuts, Traditional Kidoni sweet, Special wine, Chackers chocolates and nuts. Is that heaven or not? Order it for your vely loved one. Best present for romantic nights, friends and wine lovers!



XL size dog cute teddy ready to be huged! You really need a teddy this Valentines, Is a must. And this is the perfect one for your girl. Enjoy the hugs you will get... after the teddy of course.. :) 

Our doggy owns a reddish color and is 60cm high.



Welcome to Teddies Playground where Chocolate and Champagne meet each other and have an amazing party. The Teddy Playground Basket has different kind of chocolate bars (Milka, Lacta and KitKat). In addition a bottle of champagne and 2 champagne glasses. For the finishing touch we added a Teddy Bear and a love foil balloon.