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All About LoveAll About Love
      For her

      We put our experience and skills together and created this amazing Gift. All About Love consists of 6 helium balloons, a big Teddy Bear, Flower bouquet on a creative base of balloons.

      Heart standHeart stand

          Do you want to impress your love on Valentine's Day. Then our Heart Stand will give you a great start for an amazing day. This creation is 1.20m high and has more than 100 balloons. For an extra €20 we can also add a Teddybear and a stuffed Heart on the base.

          Jumbo Balloon Party

              This is not just a balloon creation but a Jumbo Balloon Party. We start with a rich decorated base of balloons and a Orbz Balloon with small balloons inside. Then a big number which really make this creation standing out on a Party. Tell us the number you want. On the top there are 7 helium balloons to make it a Jumbo Balloon Party.


              If the child is one or two or any age please tell us and we will change the number bellow. If his/hers favorite color is different, let us know. If she/he likes another teddy.. let us know. We are flexible to create and give you the best we can for our special recipient to be happy. Because we deliver happiness!! 


              All the essentials of Valentintine's day in a box.  All you need is to choose what wine you like and we will take care the rest. Love, wine and snacks should be compined anyway! This box is all you need that day... Oh and love of course :) 

              If you want to order more balloons with the box send us a request and it will happen. :)


              Make it an experience, Surprise your loved one with our combo balloon and flower surprise. We come, we decorate the place to create the right atmosphere. You will be loved for this choice.

              We will arrange with the recipient or with you the right time to visit the location and make the decoration.

              Choose the main colour below or write the combination you want in the comments box at checkout and we will make the right combination.


              Decorate the house, surprise him/her with the The Crown Balloon Creation. Show him/her how you feel, remind him/her what is like to be loved.

              A big balloon base with a supershape foil of the King's Crown on Top. At 1.50cm height and about 0,80cm width is the perfect size for indoor and/or outdoor.

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