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Photography is not just art, its a way to communicate without words, and express yourself to the world through your eye.

I am a freelance photographer willing to share my experience and teach anyone who is willing to learn photography, from the very basics to the mastery of using every single option in your camera. Using the automatic mode in your camera is the first mistake, because the camera is very similar to the eye but its without a mind, you are the mind of your camera and the lens is your eye.

Photography is a big world with endless possibilities and creativity, gifting someone you love or you care about the opportunity to learn this amazing way of art can be the first step to their success and happiness.

I will be covering the following:

  1. The camera basic and advanced functions.
  2. Lighting (natural and artificial).
  3. Compositing.
  4. Editing and color correcting using Adobe Lightroom.





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